Works Welcomes Dave Wilkinson to Team

Works Design Group has relied upon David Wilkinson’s talent for years, having partnered with him on a wide variety of design and illustration projects. But after almost nine years of creative collaboration, we decided we wanted him all to our self. At the end of April, Dave came on board to Works full time…and with that signature smile on his face.

Dave has over 19 years of experience in the toy and entertainment industries, specializing in original character development, illustration, home video / theatrical key art, packaging and brand identity. He worked as a project designer for Mattel / TYCO for more than eight years. He approaches every job with a fresh perspective and passion, which, as a freelance artist enabled him to build an impressive client list and portfolio that he brings with him to Works.

As our new Vice President of Toys & Entertainment, we know Dave will do Works proud. We feel lucky to have landed him.

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