Coca Cola’s Split in Two Can

My how consumption trends have changed. Gone are the days of “Big Gulp” soda options and “Super Size” me offerings. It used to be about getting more bang for your buck, but now it’s about enjoying the finer things in life…in moderation. Of course that’s why you choose the “mini dessert” option on the list at restaurants. Just a sliver does the job, right? Well this includes beverages too. Indulging in a Coca Cola is indeed a splurge in this health conscious society. But why feel bad about splurging? That’s why Coca Cola developed the clever idea of a mini can coupled with innovative packaging below. A splurge is something special. It should make you feel excited. What’s there not to get excited about when it comes to minimal consumption in a cool and fun can? Such a win-win!

Source: Co.Design

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